Toronto is Reading...

September 1951

  1. Festival at Farbridg, J. B. Priestley
  2. The Cruel Sea, Nicholas Monsarrat
  3. Each Man's Son, Hugh MacLennan
  4. The Iron Mistress, Paul Wellman
  5. The Troubled Air, Irwin Shaw
  6. The Road to Bithynia, Frank G. Slaughter
  7. The Caine Mutiny, Herman Wouk
  8. God's Men, Pearl S. Buck
  9. The High Calling, James Street
  10. Round the Bend, Nevil Shute
  11. The Foundling, Francis Spellman
  12. This Is the Hour, Lion Feuchtwanger

Source: "Toronto is Reading..." Toronto Daily Star, 6 Oct. 1951, p. 27.