Toronto is Reading...

September 1950

  1. A Lamp is Heavy, Sheila MacKay Russell
  2. The Cardinal, Henry Morton Robinson
  3. The Legacy, Nevil Shute
  4. The Spanish Gardener, A. J. Cronin
  5. The Stubborn Heart, Frank G. Slaughter
  6. Across the River and into the Trees, Ernest Hemingway
  7. The Pink House, Nelia White
  8. The Wall, John Hersey
  9. Jubilee Trail, Gwen Bristow
  10. The Egyptian, Mika Waltari
  11. Follow the Seventh Man, Robert Standish
  12. White Witch Doctor, Louise A. Stinetorf

Source: "Toronto is Reading..." Toronto Daily Star, 7 Oct. 1950, p. 13.