Toronto is Reading...

July 1951

  1. Festival at Farbridg, J. B. Priestley
  2. Each Man's Son, Hugh MacLennan
  3. Round the Bend, Nevil Shute
  4. God's Men, Pearl S. Buck
  5. Morning Journey, James Hilton
  6. Return to Paradise, James A. Michener
  7. The Troubled Air, Irwin Shaw
  8. The Loved and the Lost, Morley Callaghan
  9. The Foundling, Francis Spellman
  10. Proud New Flags, F. Van Wyck Mason
  11. Joy Street, Frances Parkinson Keyes
  12. Neither Five Nor Three, Helen MacInnes

Source: "Toronto Public Libraries List Popular July Books." Globe and Mail, 11 Aug. 1951, p. 24.