Toronto is Reading...

July 1943

  1. Hungry Hill, Daphne du Maurier
  2. The Robe, Lloyd C. Douglas
  3. The Valley of Decision, Marcia Davenport
  4. The Human Comedy, William Saroyan
  5. Wide is the Gate, Upton Sinclair
  6. Mrs Parkington, Louis Bromfield
  7. Kate Fennigate, Booth Tarkington
  8. Katherine Christian, Hugh Walpole
  9. Crescent Carnival, Frances Parkinson Keyes
  10. Another Claudia, Rose Franken
  11. The Fall of Paris, Ilya Ehrenburg

Source: "Favorite Books During July at Toronto Public Libraries." Globe and Mail, 21 Aug. 1943, p. 17.