Toronto is Reading...

June 1948

  1. Pilgrim's Inn, Elizabeth Goudge
  2. Peony, Pearl S. Buck
  3. The Golden Hawk, Frank Yerby
  4. East Side, West Side, Marcia Davenport
  5. The Foolish Gentlewoman, Margery Sharp
  6. Lucinda Brayford, Martin Boyd
  7. The Bishop's Mantle, Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  8. The Aging Nymph, A. J. Elliott
  9. Eagle in the Sky, F. Van Wyck Mason
  10. The Town Below, Roger Lemelin
  11. The Precipice, Hugh MacLennan
  12. Unconquered, a Novel of the Pontiac Conspiracy, Neil H. Swanson

Source: "Books in Demand in Toronto Today." Toronto Daily Star, 10 July 1948, p. 7.