Toronto is Reading...

April 1957

  1. Blue Camellia, Frances Parkinson Keyes
  2. The Scapegoat, Daphne du Maurier
  3. The Nun's Story, Kathryn Hulme
  4. The Last Angry Man, Gerald Green
  5. The Fountain Overflows, Rebecca West
  6. Compulsion, Meyer Levin
  7. The Philadelphian, Richard P. Powell
  8. The Eye of Love, Margery Sharp
  9. The Etruscan, Mika Waltari
  10. The Guns of Navarone, Alistair MacLean
  11. The Fall, Albert Camus
  12. A Legacy, Sybille Bedford

Source: "These Books Lead List in Libraries of Toronto." Toronto Daily Star, 11 May 1957, p. 31.