Toronto is Reading...

April 1948

  1. East Side, West Side, Marcia Davenport
  2. Pilgrim's Inn, Elizabeth Goudge
  3. Lucinda Brayford, Martin Boyd
  4. Eagle in the Sky, F. Van Wyck Mason
  5. House Divided, Ben Ames Williams
  6. King Cotton, Thomas Armstrong
  7. The Ides of March, Thornton Wilder
  8. The Pleasant Morning Light, Josephine Lawrence
  9. The Bishop's Mantle, Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  10. Unconquered, Neil H. Swanson
  11. Wax Fruit, Guy McCrone
  12. Came a Cavalier, Frances Parkinson Keyes

Source: "Toronto Public Libraries Report on Borrowings." Globe and Mail, 8 May 1948, p. 12.