Toronto is Reading...

February 1954

  1. Not as a Stranger, Morton Thompson
  2. The Tudor Rose, Margaret Campbell Barnes
  3. Sayonara, James A. Michener
  4. Désirée, Annemarie Selinko
  5. A Sunset Touch, Howard Spring
  6. Whiteoak Brothers, Mazo de la Roche
  7. The Spare Room, Nelia White
  8. Lord Vanity, Samuel Shellabarger
  9. Beyond This Place, A. J. Cronin
  10. Time and Time Again, James Hilton
  11. Too Late the Phalarope, Alan Paton
  12. The Little Ark, Jan De Hartog

Source: "Toronto is Reading..." Toronto Daily Star, 6 Mar. 1954, p. 28.