Toronto is Reading...

January 1946

  1. The Black Rose, Thomas B. Costain
  2. The King's General, Daphne du Maurier
  3. Cass Timberlane: A Novel of Husbands and Wives, Sinclair Lewis
  4. Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh
  5. Two Solitudes, Hugh MacLennan
  6. Dragon Harvest, Upton Sinclair
  7. The White Tower, James Ramsey Ullman
  8. So Well Remembered, James Hilton
  9. Most Secret, Nevil Shute
  10. The Peacock Sheds His Tail, Alice Tisdale Hobart
  11. All Glorious Within, Bruce Marshall
  12. A Lion is in the Streets, Adria Locke Langley

Source: "Toronto is Reading..." Toronto Daily Star, 9 Feb. 1946, p. 24.